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If you would like to suggest a link to add to this page please send me an Email.Links to other sites that may be of interest.

PsPrint – Printing History An excellent resource for students studying the history of printing.

The Burleson Linotype The History of Burleson's First Newspapers, and details, with photographs of Robert Griffith's Linotype restoration project.

British Letterpress A new site, set up by Benjamin Brundell, dedicated to UK hobby letterpress.

Briar Press Have an on-line letterpress museum with pictures of numerous presses, cuts and caps to download, free ads, an exhibition and much more.

Association of European Printing Museums Site in German and English aiming to preserve historical printing skills. Has forum for exchange of machine parts and information.

History of Printing An overview, plus links to other articles. An excellent student resource, suggested by pupils of Green Mountain School, Vermont, USA.

The Wapping Times A local resident's account of the Wapping dispute, with photographs.

Wapping '86 A superb 20-page photo-essay about the Wapping dispute in PDF format.

Letterpress Printers of the World Short biographies of today's letterpress printers.

Introduction to Letterpress Printing Very informative page with lots of links to other resources and guides. Writen by David S Rose of Five Roses Press, New York, USA.

Excerpts from Tramp Printers A fascinating insight into the world of the American tramp printer and the International Typographical Union, from the now out-of-print book by John Howell and Marion Dearman.

Ottmar Mergenthaler Biography of the inventor of the Linotype Machine, written by Basil Kahan, available for purchase.

Linotype & Linotipisti Excellent Italian site with some very good illustrations and photographs. There are instructions on how to translate it into English on the opening page.

Gohotmetal Gohotmetal is a new site dedicated to preserving and sharing information about hot metal typesetting equipment. The site currently covers the Linotype, Intertype and Ludlow machines. Parts of the site are currently under construction, but well worth a look. This site is devoted to the preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the maintenance and operation of Linotype machines. Has interesting list of model descriptions and more. A Swiss site (I think), written in French about the Monotype machine. Plenty of pictures!

British Printing Society The Society was founded in 1944 and membership is open to anyone interested in printing. Members are encouraged to publish their own leaflets and pamphlets, which are distributed to other members.

American Amateur Press Association The American Amateur Press Association is a non-profit making organisation founded in 1936. The Resources for Letterpress Printers section of their site is superb, providing links to dozens of other sites, as well as equipment suppliers, typefounders and publications both on-line and traditional.

Don Black Linecasting Don Black Linecasting are specialists in letterpress, hot metal and bindery equipment. Don Black seems to be a bit of a nostalgia freak, his website is full of pictures of historic printing and typesetting equipment.

Woodside Press Woodside Press are a traditional letterpress printing company based at the historic Brooklyn Naval Dockyard, New York. Their website features an overview (with illustrations) of the workings of a Linotype machine. It also features an illustrated overview of the Ludlow and Monotype machines.

Incline Press Handmade books for the reader who collects and the collector who reads. No Linotypes but some excellent looking letterpress printing.

Die Schwarze Kunst Gutenbergs German site (The World of Gutenberg) with historical information about printing and printing machines. Has translation button.

My Fonts An excellent resource for anyone seriously into DTP. The world's largest collection of fonts on one website, plus some superb on-line utilities.

The Corbis Collection The Corbis Collection claims to be the biggest collection of images on the internet. Enter Linotype (with a capital L) in the search box to view some excellent Linotype pictures that are available for purchase.

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