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Hot Metal Stories - Section Four

A selection of stories and poems about the "good old days" of hot metal written by users of this site. The articles are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

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CUNARD PASSENGER LISTS - Ken Blasbery recalls his time working at the Liverpool Printing and Stationery Company.

PAPER RULING - Phil Ambrosi reminisces about his family print business in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

HIGH-SPEED RUSSIAN - Pete Roberts sent in this amusing anecdote, from his time as a Mono keyboard operator at the Cambridge University Press, UK.

DROPPING IN! - Les Smith sent in this cautionary tale from Australia.

PAREKURA HOROMIA 1950-2013 - An obituary to a popular New Zealand MP and ex-linotype operator.

BOOK IMPOSITIONS - Book printing memories from Dave Gladwell – and a PDF to download.

PRESERVATION IN NEW ZEALAND - Terry Foster speaks to his local newspaper about the uphill struggle getting public support.

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