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Hot Metal Stories - Section Two

A selection of stories and poems about the "good old days" of hot metal written by users of this site. The articles are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

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BRIDLINGTON CHRONICLE - Mike Wilson tells us of his career on the Bridlington Chronicle, Yorkshire, UK.

LETTERPRESS LIMERICKS - A collection of print-related limericks sent in by Greg Fischer, who spent 42 years working on the Trentonian newspaper in Trenton, New Jersey, USA.

THE ISLAND OF SAN SERRIFFE - Two spoof April Fool's day articles that appeared in the Guardian (UK) newspaper. Many thanks to Ernest Bray for submitting these.

MY LAST HURRAH - Bob Turner's certainly kept up with the times. Still working part-time in the print industry at the age of 68.

THE BUMPY ROAD - Bob Turner's second story for this site is the fascinating story of his print career to date. Well worth hitting that "Print Page" button!

"BANGING IN" AT SPICERS - Roy Bowker's story of the possibly unique "banging in" ceremony at Spicers, London.

THE MATRIX ENGINEER - How a Linotype matrix is made from Merchant of Alphabets by Reginald Orcutt.

PRINTING PRAVDA, 1934 - This short piece from Merchant of Alphabets describes the brand new Pravda printing plant in 1934.

THE PROOFREADER'S NIGHTMARE - An amusing poem written by Frank Granger.

THE NEW APPRENTICE IN 1904 - Another poem written by Frank Granger.

ELROD MEMORIES - Dan Williams remembers the inauguration of the Elrod machine at his father's commercial type shop.

PARADIGMS LOST - The Life and Deaths of the Printed Word. Details of a book written and offered for sale by Metal Type contributor Bill Sonn.

A WORLD OF TYPE - Steve Young sent in this fascinating account of his career, which took him all over the world, as he prepares to retire after 40 years in the trade.

CASTING INGOTS - Les Smith, from Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Australia sent in this amusing anecdote about casting ingots.

THE APPRENTICE'S PRINTER'S PIE - A poem sent in by Mike Wilson from Bridlington in the UK.

WAYZGOOSE - THE EVENT OF THE YEAR - A story from a 1963 edition of the New Zealand "Weekly News" about the old tramp compositors. The original article can also be downloaded in PDF format.

AUSTRALIAN LINOTYPE MECHANIC - George Finn tells how he started out in the trade and proves that you can't judge a letter by the envelope!

THE GLASS DOOR - Don Hauser's fascinating story of a lifetime in the print industry.

BOOZY ALLEGATIONS - George Finn's amusing account of a Canadian Linotype training course, in Toronto, in 1958.

A HISTORY OF MECHANICAL COMPOSITION - A piece that I wrote way back in the 1970s as part of my City & Guilds course-work.

MORE LINES TO THE COLUMN - Nice story from George Finn, explaining how a bit of composing-room ingenuity solved a problem for the Sydney Morning Herald.

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