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Hot Metal Stories - Section One

A selection of stories and poems about the "good old days" of hot metal written by users of this site. The articles are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

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LOCAL NEWSPAPER MEMORIES - Dave Hughes tells of his time on the Yorkshire Evening Press and South London Press, UK.

THE LINECASTER - a new poem written and sent in by Mike Wilson of Bridlington in the UK.

CANADIAN "TYPESET" - Roy Daniels tells us about his printing career in Canada from the age of 15.

GLOSSARY OF PRINTING TRADE TERMS - George Clark sent in this very interesting list of old printing trade terms.

HOT METAL IN AUSTRALIA - Arthur Johnson tells us about his career and the work he is still doing with Hot Metal in Gulgong, NSW, Australia.

FLEET STREET PIECEWORK - Malcolm Gregory describes his time working on the Daily Telegraph in London's Fleet Street from the early 70s to the closure in 1987.

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH GRASS SHIP - George Clark tells us about his 22 years on the Sunday Telegraph and takes issue with a couple of points made in Malcolm Gregory's story (above).

HOW WE DID THINGS ON THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH - George Clark takes us back to London's Fleet Street, from the 1960s onwards.

ADVANCE MEMORIES - Albert W Perez sent in this story about some of the characters who worked at the Daily Advance in Dover, New Jersey.

NEW ZEALAND NOVICE - Newspaper Compositor Graeme How of the Wairoa Star, Wairoa, New Zealand takes us back to his first day on a Linotype.

FORTRESS WAPPING - Award-winning journalist John Pilger tells the real story of Rupert Murdoch's introduction of new technology in the 1980s.

THE LINOTYPE MECHANIC - Keith Prentice tells us about his career installing and repairing Lionotype and Intertypes around New Zealand.

IT WAS ONE OF THOSE DAYS - A poem about the Linotype from the book "In the Beginning was The Word" by David Andrus.

THE MACHINE - Another poem from the David Andrus book.

E FOR EXASPERATION - Dean Nayes sent in this amusing story about a very ingenious Linotype operator.

THE GREEN CARD - Dean Nayes gives us an insight into what life was like for a travelling compositor in the USA in the 1960s.

PENNSYLVANIA PRE-PRESS - Ex Linotype operator Thomas A Berkheiser tells of his time working on the Shamokin News-Dispatch in the 1960s and 70s.

SALT LAKE DEADLINE - Dean D Nayes aka The Itinerant Typographical Engineer tells a story from his travels in the 1950s.

A MEASURED APPROACH - Another fascinating story from Dean Nayes takes us back to the Salt Late City Tribune in the 1950s.

DYING DAYS - Alan Young tells us of his days as possibly one of the last linotype operators.

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