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Composing Chapel Rule Book, 1958

From the late Dave Bowles' collection of London Fleet Street compositors items comes this rule book.

These items were usually produced "in-house" set on a linecaster and produced on a proofing press.

Interesting to note that delegates from the Chapel were paid double time for attending meetings on a Sunday!

1 Every Compositor engaged on "The Star" must be a member of the London Typographical Society, and shall produce evidence of such membership before commencing his engagement.

The front cover of the book
2 The chapel subscription shall be 1s 6d per member per week. The Chapel Funds shall be maintained at not less than 7s 6d per head by means of a weekly levy of 6d.

Any sum in excess of approximately £1 per head at the end of the financial year shall be shared out among the members.

3 The Annual Chapel to be the third week (Saturdays and Sundays excepted) in January. The Quarterly Chapel to be held on successive days (Saturdays and Sundays excepted) during the third week in April, July and October.

4 That all complaints must be laid before the Chapel through the IFOC in the first instance.

5 It shall be competent for the piece sections of the Companionship to formulate rules for their own method of working.

6 An amount of up to 7s 6d from the General Funds to be allowed towards the hire of a room for respective Local Quarterly Chapels.

7 The Chapel shall consider services rendered to the Chapel or its members.

8 Any proposed expenditure of £5 or over not provided for in the Rules requires a majority of two-thirds of the Chapel, by ballot, to become effective.

9 That the two senior proof-pullers shall receive a grant of 5s each per quarter for services rendered in pulling proofs of Chapel matters.

Absence From Chapels

10 Members absent from the Annual Chapel except on account of illness or by permission of the Chapel to be fined 10s.

Members absent from the Quarterly Chapel with the exception of those in the "cut" on night work, or holidays, or by consent of the Chapel to be fined 5s. All excuses for non-attendance to be considered at the next Chapel meeting after fines have been paid.

Special and adjourned Chapels to carry same fines as Quarterly Chapels.

No appeals against fines can be entertained until after such fines have been paid.

Special Chapels

11 Should a member wish to call a Special Chapel, he shall deposit 5s with the IFOC, such deposit to be forfeited should it be considered by members assembled such a Special chapel was unnecessary. A Special Chapel shall be called upon the IFOC receiving a requisition signed by not less than six members of the Chapel.

Election of Officers

12 The Officers of the Chapel shall be the Imperial Father, Deputy Father, Clerk, two Trustees and three Local Fathers (Case, Lino and Stab) the first five being elected at the January Imperial Chapel and the last three by their Chapels.

Nomination of proposed change of IFOC, Clerk or Trustees to be handed to IFOC seven days before Annual Chapel, signed by proposer and seconder for immediate circulation.

If more than one nomination for IFOC the office of Deputy IFOC shall not be balloted upon, nor nominations closed until three days after the election of the IFOC.

In the event of more than one nomination for Chapel Officer, all names to be submitted to ballot.

Ballot papers to be issued, same to be handed in by the member at the Annual Meeting, checked and results declared by two scrutineers appointed at that meeting.

Members unable, for any reason, to hand their ballot paper in at the Annual Meeting should hand their vote in a sealed envelope to Clerk beforehand.

Officers Duties

13 The duties of the IFOC shall be to see that the Rules and Scale of the LTS are correctly interpreted, to preside over Chapel Meetings, head deputations, and give notice for Special Chapels, etc., for which service he shall be paid 2s per member per quarter.

The Deputy IFOC shall take over all the IFOC duties during his absence and for such services shall be paid 4d per member per quarter.

The duties of the Clerk shall be to collect Society and Chapel monies, deposit them in the Chapel Banking Account and render an account of same at Chapel meetings, at which he shall also keep minutes and call the roll. He shall act as Departmental Secretary of the House Sick Fund and represent the Chapel at their meetings. For these services he shall be paid 3s 3d per member per quarter.

The duties of the Trustees shall be to see that all Chapel monies are safely banked in a trustee banking account in the name of "The Star" Composing Chapel, and to sign cheques, in conjunction with the IFOC, whose signature must appear on all cheques with that of either of the Trustees to be effective.

Chapel Accounts

14 The accounts to be audited quarterly by two auditors, each of whom shall serve for six months, one being appointed each quarter from an alphabetical list. The names of members so serving to be announced at the Chapel preceding the next audit.

Chapel Committee

15 The Officers of the Chapel as defined in Rule 6 (or in their absence their deputies) shall form a Committee to assist and collaborate with the IFOC whenever he so desires their guidance and that this Committee shall have power to settle all questions of emergency.


16 that the Chapel list be cleared of all Chapel and Society dues on the last Saturday in each month, under a fine of 2s 6d. Should a member neglect to clear himself within two weeks of being fined for arrears, the IFOC shall be empowered to call a Chapel to consider the matter.
A monthly sheet to be passed round with the receipt attached.

How the book was laid out

How the book was laid out


17 That three Delegates (one from each section), taken on rota to be sent to all Delegate Meetings of the LTS News Department and other specially ordained meetings of the LTS. Each delegate to receive a fee of 5s for each attendance, Sunday meetings 10s.
Delegates failing to attend and not providing substitutes to be fined 5s.
A report to be submitted to the Chapel by the delegates.
Delegates to the Annual Conference of the LTS to be paid £4 per day from Chapel Funds, in the absence of a fee being paid by the Society.

Retirement18 Upon the retirement of a member on superannuation a grant of £25 shall be made to the member from Chapel Funds.


19 A member away sick shall for the first illness of each financial year be entitled to £2 Grant from Chapel Funds for each of the first two full weeks, providing such member has submitted a doctor's certificate.

After three months a levy of 6d per week per member for a further three months, this levy then to be increased to 1s and paid to the sick member until his return to work until such time as the Committee may determine.

Illness running into two financial years shall be treated as one illness for the purpose of this rule. The Financial Year being from January 1 to December 31.

20 That no erasion, addition to or alteration of any one of these Rules be made until balloted on and accepted by Chapel.

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