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The Bragging 'Stab-hand

From the late Dave Bowles' collection of London Fleet Street compositors items comes this song.

Sent in by his son John, the song refers to production of the Sunday Telegraph.

The Bragging 'Stab-hand

Sung to the tune of "I Did It My Way."

Today – I did page three,
Page four and five – and then page seven;
And then – I did page two,
The close-up too, then page eleven;
The smalls and adverts too,
I'd pushed all through,
By four on Friday;
And so – I did them all,
And did it my way.

As God's my judge – I did the fudge,
Page one and back – all on my 'jack'
I did the Leader page and then,
Nipped out to do – eight, nine and ten;
And so you see – I did them all,
And did it my way.

I then – cleared up the sport,
Then went to do – the overmatter;
A chap – just jogged my arm,
I dropped the lot – with such a clatter;
They all – came round to look,
And said to me – "What is the matter?"
I said – "It's plain to see
I did it my way."

From stone to stone – all on my own,
Did quite a few – corrections too;
Then I made up – the radio,
I'm trying to get – an early go;
And so I did the bloody lot,
And did it my way.

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