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My Last Hurrah

THIS Manufacturer's Plate was taken from the last hot-metal typesetting machine I ever worked on
Intertype makers plate

We had to pay a scrap dealer to haul it away after I disassembled it. Sad!

This took place at Patrick & Company, a rubber stamp and marking device manufacturer at 563 Mission Street, San Francisco, California, USA, March 18-20,1987.

After this I "set" type on a Graphitec (pc/ms-dos front end, photopaper for paste-up), Compugraphic (pc/ms-dos front end, film for stripping) and a Mac+ running Ready, Set, Go! for laser paper output for rubber stamp copy.

Currently using HP state-of-the Art Laptop running Quark Express, PageMaker, Freehand and Photoshop. I've come a long way!

I first started typesetting from the case in High School. Graduated to Linotypes on the Cleveland (Ohio) News and then Intertypes on the Cleveland (Ohio) Plain Dealer.

Formed a preference for the Intertypes. Chevy over Ford, Luckies over Camels, Bud over Schiitz, etc.

Also worked Cleveland (Ohio) Press,Tampa (Florida) Tribune, Clearwater (Florida) Sun, Atlanta (Georgia) Journal-Constitution and San Francisco (California) Chronicle and several small commercial shops in between.

The oldest I have run was a Model 8 Linotype and the newest was an Intertype Monarch. Went through Linotype Comets and Electrons, also the AP Linotype and I don't remember the Model No., but it was a double-plunger, 42-pica Linotype monster that brought a new dimension to the term "tight line squirt."

My favorite was a Model G4-4 Intertype with a Star Parts hydraulic quadder, a Mohr saw and split Visilite mags in 1st and 3rd position.

I am currently semi-retired (68) but working part-time at a junk-mail printer making plates for 4- and 5-color Heidelbergs, a Didde 4/1 roll-to-sheet and two Halm Jets.

I also double in brass on an MBO folder.

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