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Hot Metal in Australia

I STARTED my apprenticeship in 1953 at Winn & Co in Sydney Australia a medium sized shop with 2 Linotypes a Model 8 electric pot and a !4 with a gas pot.

There was also an old 21m Ludlow and a Model K Elrod which I worked and serviced.

I worked mainly as a stone hand doing imposition for the big Miehles and Heidelbergs.

I learnt a little about operating and later did a course at the Ultimo School of Graphic Arts on the Lino.

I worked at several places as a Comp Operator and had my own business with a Model 15 single magazine machine.

I left the trade in 1975 and later trained as a Enrolled Nurse. When I semi retired 4 years ago the local museum at Gulgong NSW had a small print display with no one to work it.

I offered to do it and now we have a great display of Hot Metal Machines and Letterpress Printing.

We have a C3 Intertype, Model 48 Linotype, Ludlow and a Elrod, all except the Elrod are Running and in regular use.

My experience with the linecasters is limited and sometimes it's hard for me to sort things out, the internet with other interested people are a great help.

I will be starting our local show programme on the C3 and 48 this week 92 pages and cover (at least some is standing from last year) great fun and I really enjoy working with the machines of my youth.

I hope to teach others to work the machines, at least the Ludlow, I can see it being used long after the C3 and 48.

Arthur Johnson the Old Fart still working with Hot Metal in Gulgong NSW Australia.

Come and see working machines sometime!!!

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