Yesterday's Technology . . . Today!

Dying Days

STARTED my career at Wolf Composition in Reading, Massachusetts, USA in 1964.

First I pulled proofs in this book shop. Then I graduated to the linotype.

Finished up my apprenticeship (ITU) in 1971, just in time to get laid off due to the company moving the bulk of its production to England.

From there I went to the ITU's Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Never used the training I got there as I learned there was plenty of work in Denver.

So went back to Massachusetts to get a traveler and my stuff and out to Denver. Slipped up at The Denver Post summer of 1972. Made the mistake of leaving a few months later and ended up at the Cape Cod Standard Times in Hyannis.

When spring came decided to ry my luck out in Portland, Oregon. Not much there so I went back to Denver and the Post.

Things were fine until new technology reared its head.

After a few stints with what linotype typesetting was left (mostly fly-by-night), landed a full time steady job at the Leadville (Colorado) Herald Democrat running a Model 5.

This went fine until the publisher decided to retire and sold to a regional chain. New technology again with no place for me.

This was the summer of 1985. And this is when I knew it was over. I still at times long for the days I ran a linotype.

This is basically my story as one of the last linotype operators.

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