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Pennsylvania Pre-Press

MY NAME is Thomas A. Berkheiser, from Paxinos, Pennsylvania.

My father was a linotype operator for fifty years, and worked at the Shamokin News-Dispatch, in Shamokin, Pennsylvania, where I started in 1964 as an apprentice with the International Typographical Union.

I learned to operate the Linotype at the newspaper, and also went into photocomp, but I'd rather operate a Linotype any day!!!

We only had one Intertype, it was an Intertype Mixer, purchased by the newspaper around 1968, I never had the chance to operate it, although I would have loved to have had a chance.

We had what we called five automatics, run by perforated tape, and 12 other Linotypes in the newspaper that I worked at in 1970, where I was laid off because of the new phototypesetting equipment that was brought into the newspaper.

I'm 57 years old, and wish I could get back into printing, when it gets into your blood, it never goes away.

Books in Bloomsburg

I also worked at a book publishing plant in Bloomsburg, Pa. with many type fonts to choose from. We had many, many, magazines, with old style figures, new style figures, etc.

I did a lot of caps and small cap work, only a Linotype operator would understand this. I also set a book in German, not understanding the language, although I am of German descent.

I would like to get a Linotype or Intertype just to set in my basement. I also used a Ludlow many a time. I'm proud to be of the few left that understands these machines, like up on the rail typesetting.

I was proficient in both computer typesetting and Linotype typesetting, and I established a training class for the older men, because I heard they wanted to keep the younger men, and let the older guys go, one of which was my father!

I helped train the men, and I left with a clean conscience.

We have some Linotypes still operating in some small Job Shops in the area.

It's nice to see there are still some people out there that have the same interests that I have! Thank you for giving me a chance to get involved with your Linotype Website.

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