Glidden Ad 1936

Advertisement for Glidden 1936

Cold Metal Becomes Hot News

"Stop the presses! Make over the front page!" Typewriters swing into action, Linotype machines click, compositors' fingers fly, and cold metal quickly becomes hot news!

Type metals of "Wilkes" brand, produced solely by the Glidden-owned Metals Refining Company, are used in the make-up of typical American newspapers. They are used in printing magazines distributed to millions. Many of the printed pieces you receive … the books you read … are printed with "Wilkes" type metal, the accepted national standard of fine quality.

Other important Metals Refining Company products are MRCO Grid Metal, for storage battery manufacture … Pig Lead … Metal Alloys for special casting purposes … METROX Red Lead, for paints, batteries, ceramics … Cuprous Oxide, for anti-fouling marine paint … Metal Powders, for electric motor brushes, pressed bearings, brake linings, etc. … Litharge, for oil refining; for manufacturing batteries, dry colors, insecticides, varnish, ceramics, etc.

Long known for quality paint products, the Glidden name is now linked with an impressive group of essential industries engaged in large-scale production of commercial neccessities for the whole world.

Advertisement for Glidden 1936

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