Sydney Morning Herald 1971

Many thanks to George Finn for sending in this video which is taken from a video that was show to visitors prior to taking a tour of the plant.

The video, complete with early 1970s cheesy music, starts with a large group of ex-Linotype operators producing punched tape.

We then see the tape fed through a computer for hyphenation and justification. This process appears to be monitored by two females. The new tape is then punched out.

We then go over to a huge bank of Linotype Elektrons, which appear to be very heavily monitored. The narrator explains that the operation mainly produces the huge volume of classified advertising on the paper.

We then see some nice close-ups of the Elektrons in action, keyboards operating without fingers, matrices being assembled, lines being cast, etc.

The film ends wih a look at some matrices and the corresponding line of type.

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