Linecaster Advertisements

The linecaster advertisements are spread over two pages:

Many thanks to Jim Daggs, of Ackley Publishing Company, Ackley, Iowa for sending in these photographs.

Intertype linecaster advertisement

ADVERTISEMENT for an Intertype Model D-s.m.

The advertisment states: "Intertype — The Better Machine. Fast, Dependable and provides faultless distribution.

"Miles and miles of display composition at the command of one operator. The new Model D-s.m. the first and only 42 em linecasting machine.

"Equipped with six magazines, will assemble, cast and distribute all matrix sizes from 5 point to a 60 point condensed cap on a 42 point slug.

"42 ems wide on one slug. The new Model D-s.m. represents the highest development in line casting machine construction."

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