Brazil Gets The News (1942)

Many thanks to the Internet Archive for providing this vintage footage.

A FILM, made in 1942, by Rossi Rex Films in conjunction with the Office of the Coordinator of Inter American Affairs.

This film shows many of the production processes for the "Agazeta" in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We start off with a quick run-round some departments including the editor's office, reception, library, advertising, sports department, auditorium, art department and the City Room.

We see a photograph of an aircraft-carrier being retrieved from the library and then follow the photo-engraving process.

We go on to the Linotype operators, page make-up stones and then have a good look at the production of a stereotype plate.

On to the press room, we see the stereotype plates being bolted on and loading the newsprint reels before the press starts to run.

Finally to the despatch area, with the newspapers being put into vans, given to street vendors and loaded onto trains and planes for wider distribution.

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