Making Books

Many thanks to the Internet Archive for providing this vintage footage.

THIS film, made in 1947 by Encylopaedia Biritannica Films Inc., runs through the production processes for making a hard-backed book in 11 minutes.

It explains the processes entirely in layman's terms.

We start with the author finishing his manuscript and passing it on to the Linotype operator.

We then see the page make-up and the electrotype process.

On to the press room, we see the electrotypes laid out on the bed of the press and the priniting process.

From there we are taken to the bindery, where the sheets are folded, gathered together and stitched.

From there to an ingenious trimming machine that trims three sides of the paper.

The film ends by showing how the board covers are made and put round the book, complete with gold blocking.

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