Linotype Square-Based Model 1

Square-Based Linotype Model 1

BUILT in 1892, Serial No. 195.

Linotype Model 1 makers plate

Built in Manchester, this Square-Based Model 1 Linotype is one of the first British-made linecasters. The model's square base was later made smaller, and then changed to a star shape.

Model 1 Linotypes had a 90-character keyboard. The back-loaded single magazine could take matrices up to 11 point in type size.

Square-Based Linotype Model 1 - side view

The Model 1 was the basic design on which all Linotypes were built. It remained in production until 1906, when the Model 2 came out. The company made spare parts until 1953 because there were so many Model 1 Linotypes still in use.

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