Rusholme Printers, York, UK, 1959

Group photograph Rusholme Printers, York, UK, 1959

ARTHUR KELLY, Terry Rowan, Tony Preston, Walter Pond, Bill Duffield and Don Robson pictured at Rusholme Printers, York, UK in 1959.

Tony Preston, who sent in the photograph said: "I'm a native of York and served my time as a hand compositor at Rusholme Printers who were originally in Market Street before moving to High Ousegate in 1956 or 7.

"The photograph is of the staff at Rusholmes in High Ousegate standing beside a vertical Miehle. The office was originally the City snooker hall and down a snicket opposite All Saints Church.

"I'm now in my seventies, Arthur Kelly would be a year or two older, and I know Don died just recently at age somewhere in the nineties. Bill is definitely gone and I would presume the same for Walter. Terry Rowan was the apprentice and the last I heard of him he was in the police force. There was also another apprentice there Terry Walker — he owns, or did, Ultra Print in Park Grove.

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