Intertype Models

Most of the following illustrations and model descriptions were taken from "Intertype Book of Instruction" published by the Intertype Corporation in 1943, with the exception of Models A, B and C which were talen from a pamphlet entitled "Standardized and Interchangeable Intertypes" which it is believed was published in 1917.

Star Base
Model A
Model B
Model C
Side Magazines
Model C4
Model C4-4s.m.
Model F4
Model G4-4.s.m.

New Side Magazine

New Side Magazine

THE NEW side magazine, a standardized Intertype unit, will be applied before shipment to any new Intertype - Model A, B or C for $150.

The Side Magazine is used for head-letter faces, advertising figures, accents, special characters, or any other matrices required.

It contains thirty-four channels, each having a capacity of twelve matrices. The whole unit can be swung away from the machine when not in use, and the side magazines are easily removed and replaced.

Tripod Side Magazine

Star Base Intertype Machine Side Magazine

This construction is applied to Star Base machines and carries three magazines on the pivited tripod frame.

Changing magazines is accomplished simply by raising the counterbalanced tripod and rotating it until the desired magazine is in operating position.

On double distributor Star Base machines with four side magazines, the fourth magazine is carried on rails under the tripod and is removed from the side of the machine.

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