Intertype Models

Most of the following illustrations and model descriptions were taken from "Intertype Book of Instruction" published by the Intertype Corporation in 1943, with the exception of Models A, B and C which were talen from a pamphlet entitled "Standardized and Interchangeable Intertypes" which it is believed was published in 1917.

Star Base
Model A
Model B
Model C
Side Magazines
Model C4
Model C4-4s.m.
Model F4
Model G4-4.s.m.

Model B

Model b

THE MODEL B two-magazine Intertype combines all the advantages of a single-magazine machine with the versatility afforded by multiple-magazine construction.

Changes from one magazine to the other are made in two or three seconds.

The changing mechanism is very simple, and is so designed that the keyboard rods connect directly with the escapements of either magazine, without any intermediate parts such as are used on similar machines of other manufacture.

The assembling and distributing mechanisms are the same as and interchageable with those used on single-magazine Intertypes; consequently, the speed of either of the magazines on the Model B is equal to that of any single-magazine machine in the world.

Both of the magazines are removed and replaced with equal ease, at the back of the machine, and are perfectly interchangeable with each other and those used on all other Intertype models.

The Model B carries all Intertype improvements and simplifications.

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