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THE FOLLOWING examples further demonstrate the versatility of the All-Purpose Linotype, the advantage of Controlled Alignment, and the unique feature of controlling its position on the slug body. Example of APL setting

Controlled Alignment. The upper line is an extreme demonstration showing how the base alignment of APL matrices makes display combinations quite automatic.

The lower line shows how this simple combination of sizes provides a new economy in display.

Hitherto such combined types had to be aligned by slow hand work. Figures below the characters indicate point sizes.

Example of APL setting

Six sizes of Memphis Bold in one word. What a fussy job to align loose type thus! APL cast the line just as you see it.

Example of APL setting

One APL slug in Pabst Extra Bold Italic. Base alignment permits these four or more sizes, if desired, and varieties of matrices to be combined at maximum speed of production. Sizes used here are (left to right) 42, 36, 30 and 24 point caps, with 36 point lower case.

Example of APL setting

Three sizes of Poster Bodoni within the first line arrives at just the desired build-up in the copy - a whole advertisement in the two headlines - good test of both copy and display.

Example of APL setting

Here 18 and 30 point Metroblack No. 2 are combined with 144 point Gothic No. 40 figures - the figures and the 36 point Metroblack No. 2 dollar mark are on the lower slug, projecting up.

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