All-Purpose Linotype (APL)

An All-Purpose Linotype Installation

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THE ALL-PURPOSE LINOTYPE (APL) is a complete, self-contained unit for the casting of type in the form of slugs, in faces ranging from 6 point to 144 point; for casting of furniture, rules, borders, decorative and spacing material from 6 to 72 point body, and 42 picas in length.

Universal APL matrices, standard Linotype matrices and other hand-set matrices may be used.

The compositor sets lines of type by hand in special sticks, and the APL quickly casts and delivers the slug ready for use.

The capacity of the APL, both in point of quality and range of product, is largely governed by the skill of the operator.

The machine is in reality a tool capable of translating into metal the craftsmanship of the most skilled printer, or the simple forms of composing and spacing material with equal ease.

Its uses are many and varied, and its quality is on a parity with Linotype products.

The simplicity of the principle and design of the All-Purpose Linotype permits its operation by persons with a reasonable degree of training, but the best results are obtained when it becomes the tool of an intelligent and skilled printer.

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