Later Machines

Illustrations and machine descriptions of Models 8 to 26 are from a pamphlet called "Linotype Flexibility" published by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company in 1930. Models 28 to 32 from "Linotype Machine Principles" published in 1940.

The Linotype Model 8
The Linotype Model 9
The Linotype Model 14
The Linotype Model 25
The Linotype Model 26
The Linotype Model 28
The Linotype Models 29 & 30
The Linotype Models 31 & 32

Linotype Model 9

Linotype Model 9

FOR MIXED composition involving a large number of faces, Model 9 is in a class by itself.

Its four magazines give the operator a range of eight complete faces in four sizes, all immediately available.

In the newspaper office it is widely used for advertising composition.

In commercial offices its range of twenty alphabets - 720 characters in all - enables it to handle with remarkable economy such difficult problems as miscellaneous jobbing work, intricate catalogues, dictionaries and scientific books.

As in all Linotypes, the magazines are independently removable from the front of the machine. A single movement of a convenient lever at the right effects an instantaneous change of face.

By this method, faces from all four magazines may be assembled and cast in the same line. Matrices are automatically distributed to their respective magazines.

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