Linotype Elektron

Many thanks to Ralph Voogd for sending in this photo and caption.

Linotype Elektron at the Albuquerque Journal-Tribune

This picture was taken when I was working at the Albuquerque Journal-Tribune, in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA, back in the mid '70s. It appeared in an issue of the ITU Review.

I was the 'ring machine' operator, setting the galley corrections. On this particular day, my regular Linotype was down with a mechanical malfunction.

But this wasn't the only time that I operated the Electron, sometimes when we were running late, there were three of us setting corrections. Two on the regular Linos and me on the Electron.

As I stand 6'9" tall, I was the only one there, big enough to sit and reach the key board on the Electron. The Electron had a very nice, easy touch, and was fun to operate. Normally, the Electrons were operated with a six level paper tape.

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