Victoria Art Platen

Many thanks to Andy Taylor, of the Elrod Press, for sending in this video of his German-made Victoria art platen press in action.

Says Andy: "Will Carter bought the press second-hand in 1938.

These words are taken from:

WILL CARTER, PRINTER. an illustrated study by ALAN TARLING, The Galahad Press,

...the Victoria platen press he still uses today he had a half-day's tuition. From the time of its installation in 1950 we see the superb inking and faultless impression that Will endeavoured to get from the preceding Bremmer and its forerunners.

The pre-war German-built Victoria has considerable pressing power and as used by Will is set to reproduce the engraver's art in bold impressions rather than give a merest touch of ink to the paper. Its chase size is 18" x 13" inches (demy folio).

I swapped the press with my good friend Ed Denovan (of The Hellbox Letter Foundry) fame, for my Arab which was delivered by our mutual friend Jeremy Winkworth.

There were a few problems with the machine to start with but that is to be expected on any new arrival especially a machine in its 80s, I've serviced the machine with new bearings and replaced several broken and cracked items I still have a couple of parts to replace a broken spring on the chase hook and the chase hook lever, but apart from that the press is a good'un.

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