Bradford Telegraph & Argus, 1970

Bruce Anderton recently digitised some of his old photographic slide collection, and sent these in to Metal Type.

Bradford Telegraph & Argus front page, January 7, 1970

Bradford Telegraph & Argus front page, January 7, 1970

Says Bruce: "Note space at the side of the masthead; this was where the edition seal was printed in red (the only colour in the paper in those days); latterly the "fudge" – or late news secor, on the back page – was also printed in red.

Main heading in 72pt Franklin Gothic; other faces used were Century Modern and bold, with a sprinkling of various Tempo faces, Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed, and various oddments.

By this time nearly all the headings were Ludlow-set, whereas earlier a lot of Linotype faces had been used. I worked on the Ludlow section at that time and it was very busy!

Linecasters at Bradford and District Newspapers, 1970

Some Linotypes and Intertypes at Bradford & District Newspapers on January 7 1970: Not an easy place to photograph, being very cramped

Bingley & Shipley Guardian-Chronicle front page, 1970

Front page of the Bingley & Shipley Guardian-Chronicle photographed on the stone at Bradford on January 7 1970 (for publication on the following day). Headings mostly in Ludlow Century Modern Bold

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