Early Machines

Terry Foster sent in these superb pictures of early Machines, taken from an old book. The captions are also taken from the book.

The Kastenbein Typesetter
The Linotype Blower
The Square Base Linotype
The Linotype Model 1
The Reconstructed Linotype Model 1
The Linotype Model 2
The Linotype Model 3
The Linograph
The Linotype Model 4 (First Style)
The Linotype Model 4 (Second Style)
The Linotype Model 6

The Linotype Model 2

Linotype Model 2

This machine had the following improvements over the Model 1 (Old Style):

A light magazine, capable of being changed from the front of the machine.

This machine produced all type faces up to 12-point and type bodies up to 14-point, in all measures up to 30 pica ems, and was the first Linotype to be equipped with an automatic quadder.

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