Miehle V50, International Printing Museum

Many thanks to Dr. Leland Whitson, Trustee and Docent Director of the International Printing Museum in Carson, California, USA for sending in this video of the museum's newly-acquired Miehle V50 being put to use, printing a Linotype-set book.

In Leland's own words: My team and I are completing the letterpress printing of my Uncle's book, "The Surgeon Factory," a 267 page semi-autobiographical, fictionalized story of his years as a surgical resident at Los Angeles County Hospital.

My one year project is now into its fifth year but will be done within weeks.

I have learned a lot; it has been a labor of love, for sure.

This is posthumous gift to honor my beloved Uncle who was to me a mentor in medicine and in life.

Does anyone know of a book of this size Linotype set and printed letterpress within the past few years?

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