Linotype Optional Extras c1960

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The material on this page is taken from a brochure published in circa 1960 by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. The brochure showcased the company's latest machines and innovations, including the Linofilm System.

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The Mohr Lino-Saw

THE Mohr Lino-Saw automatically cuts slugs to required measure before they are delivered to the galley.

Eliminating liner changes, this is invaluable for composition requiring frequent changes in measure since it also controls vise jaw and assembler slide settings with a single operation.

The Six-Mold Disk

THE Six-Mold Disk minimizes mold and liner changes.

Its exclusive one-piece design provides unequalled rigidity, durability and accurate alignment and gives 50 per cent added mold capacity.

Push-Button hydraquadder

WHEN the Hydraquadder is controlled by push-button operation, the operator selects the desired function by pressing one of four buttons at the right of the keyboard; the hydraquadder does the rest.

For tape operation the hydraquadder's electric control system is plugged into the tape operating unit, and the Hydraquadder then responds automatically to coded signals on the tape.

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