Rangemaster Model 33/34

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The material on this page is taken from a brochure published in circa 1960 by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. The brochure showcased the company's latest machines and innovations, including the Linofilm System.

The whole document is available for download, in PDF format, from the Metal Type Library.

The Linotype Blue Streak Rangemaster Model 33

RANGEMASTER Model 33 Linotype produces headletter and display simply and at low cost. Advanced features make it unequalled for safety, reliability and productive output.

Only Linotype produces a lineCasting machine with all the unique features of the Model 33 Rangemaster.

It's a fast, versatile display machine with single-distributor simplicity, and provides economical composition of big headlines and display from main magazines.

Keyboarding eliminates slow, costly handsetting of large type.

For advertising display and text, this Blue Streak Rangemaster sets fat 24- and 36-point faces smoothly. With wide 90-channel magazines, it carries a second set of big figures when an advertising figure layout is used.

And with the aid of Linotype's exclusive Two-Speed Assembler, it pours out 5½-point classified and 8- and 10-point text.

The Rangemaster 33 is equipped with one to four wide 72-channel or one to four wide 90-channel magazines.

Wide 90s carry normal width faces through 24- point, and condensed faces through 36-point.

Wide 72s carry normal width faces through 36-point and condensed faces through 48-point.

The 33 is equipped with numerous safety features designed to protect the operator, matrixes and machine at all times.

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