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The material on this page is taken from a brochure published in circa 1960 by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. The brochure showcased the company's latest machines and innovations, including the Linofilm System.

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The Linofilm System keyboard

The simple keyboard is one of the main factors to Linofilm superiority. It permits the operator to concentrate on setting type quickly and accurately

WITH the perfection of the Linofilm System, Mergenthaler Linotype Company contributes another revolutionary development to the graphic arts.

Since the latter part of the 19th century, many have sought a practical, economical means of photocomposition. With Mergenthaler's Linofilm, the only complete and integrated photocomposition system, cold type truly comes of age.

Linofilm not only sets type photographically, but provides also for corrections and alterations, and for makeup into page form.

Extensive economic studies show its clear-cut superiority over other methods of cold type composition.

Economically, Linofilm is superior for several reasons. It's less expensive as an initial investment, in leasing costs and machine-hour costs.

The keyboard is simple, and separation of keyboard and photographic functions allows the operator to utilize his typesetting skills and time to best advantage.

Typographically, Linofilm adheres to the same high standards for which Linotype has become world-famed; at the command of Linofilm are the matchless typographic resources of Mergenthaler Linotype Company and its affiliates.

The Linofilm System consists of four integrated components: the Keyboard, Photographic Unit, Corrector and Composer.

The superiority of Linofilm is shown right from the basic component, the keyboard. Its simple, designed so that the operator can make best use of his keyboarding skills.

Push buttons and dials are conveniently located so that all typographic functions can be controlled quickly and easily.

The Linofilm System photographic unit

Operation of the photographic unit is simple and automatic. Only manual operation is insertion of film or paper and tape

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