Intertype Factory 1966

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Many thanks to Stan Coutant for allowing these photographs to be used on Metal Type. Stan was an Intertype Operator from 1959 to 1978 – a period he describes as "one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs I have ever had."

In Stan's own words: "In 1966 I had occasion to travel to New York, my first and only trip to the East Coast. Since there was adequate time before I departed, I wrote to the folks at Intertype Corporation and asked about taking a tour of the factory.

That was fine with them. There is a dearth of Intertype factory photos on the Web. So I am especially pleased that I captured the images I am now sharing with you.

Stan's photos were taken using only the "available light."

Chaotic corner of the factory

A chaotic-looking corner of the factory

Working on a distributor bar

Working on a distributor bar

Working on a magazine

Working on a magazine

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