Blue Streak Model 31

The material on this page is taken from a brochure published in circa 1960 by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. The brochure showcased the company's latest machines and innovations, including the Linofilm System.

The whole document is available for download, in PDF format, from the Metal Type Library.

Picture of Blue Streak Model 31 Linotype

THE most widely-used linecasting machine in the world, the Model 31 Blue Streak Linotype is known as the "workhorse of the composing room" because it handles so many jobs so well.

It cruises at 10 lines per minute with manual or tape operation, and is standard equipment in composing rooms for setting news and other straight matter, as well as display.

The 31 has been engineered to incorporate every advanced feature for economical composition. Exclusive safeties automatically protect operator, matrices and machine. Low-cost maintenance is assured because accessibility to mechanisms is quick and easy.

The Model 31 carries one to four standard 90-channel magazines, and provides a type range from 4- to normal 18- and condensed 30-point. With its multi-magazine capacity, smoothness and high speed, this single distributor Linotype is perfect for setting both straight matter and display.

The workhorse gives extra value because it's so easy to add to as a business grows; a printer can start with a 31 with one magazine, then add other magazines as they are required.

The 31 is equipped with all the Blue Streak features that are designed to increase efficiency and speed production. These include the famous One-Turn Shift, the fastest method of shifting magazines, and the Optic Aid Front which shields the operator's eyes from glare and distracting motion.

Picture of Blue Streak Model 31 Linotype - second elevator bar guide

One of the new features of the Model 31 is this guide on the second elevator bar. It makes certain that matrices are lifted smoothly in a true vertical position. Its action prevents possible damage to the second elevator bar and to matrix teeth at high-speed operation.

The Distributor Screw Guard protects matrices by preventing shifting of magazines until distributor box and bar are clear of matrices; and Linotype's exclusive Swinging Keyboard makes maintenance fast and easy. The 31 also boasts a new, simpler distributor clutch.

With all of its famed Blue Streak features — plus its many improvements for smoother, faster operation — the Model 31 is earning its new name, "racehorse of the composing room," in printing plants throughout the world.

Model 31 New Features

Many new features of the Blue Streak 31 give smoother operation at higher speed.

Shifter action is smoothed by a new snubber. Assembler chute finger design improves high-speed assembly. Spacebands are steadied during transfer, and assemble properly all at speeds. Adjustable spaceband buffer assures smoothest assembly. Improved mold-turning mechanism provides smoother starting and stopping, reduces impact at high speeds. New cam designs give exact timing and eliminate vibration. Two sets of keyboard driving pulleys provide proper keyboard speeds for automatic and manual operation. New brake stops driving shaft smoothly.

Model 32

The Model 32 Blue Streak Linotype adds capacity of up to four wide auxiliary magazines to the basic Model 31.

These auxiliaries, each with 34 channels, extend the range of the 32 to include the largest sizes available from a line-casting keyboard.

With the flexibility offered by the Model 32, the operator can keyboard copy calling for the smallest classified faces through the largest machine-set sizes.

Where composition requires extra fonts, special characters or large sizes, the extra range and capacity of the Blue Streak 32 make it the ideal choice.

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