Blue Streak Model 29 & 30

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The material on this page is taken from a brochure published in circa 1960 by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. The brochure showcased the company's latest machines and innovations, including the Linofilm System.

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The Blue Streak Model 29

THE Blue Streak Model 29 Mixer is designed for continuous mixed composition of body matter and display faces.

The most varied and complex typesetting is simple for the 29, and is set directly from the keyboard.

Food-store ads, technical composition and dictionary work requiring roman, italic, bold, accents and special characters in the same line – the versatile 29 handles such difficult composition efficiently and economically.

Because of the ease and speed with which difficult copy is set, hundreds of printers use Model 29 Mixers to produce head and display lines, overhang slug matter, tabular work, meticulous advertising typography and fine book work at surprisingly low cost.

In addition to the economy of keyboarding composition, other savings come in makeup and lockup time, because the most complicated lines are in simple slugs and thus easier to handle.

The key to efficient, swift mixing is dependable distribution – and Linotype's system of distribution is noted for reliability. Two stationary distributor boxes provide continuous distribution into two adjacent magazines. This is just another Linotype exclusive, and gives unrivaled simplicity and speed.

The Model 29 can be equipped with two or four standard-width main magazines, either 90-channel or combinations of 90- and 72-channel. The 90-channel magazines take a range from 4- through 18-point in normal width faces, and 30-point condensed. The 72-channel spreads this range through normal 24-point to condensed 42-point. Thus the Model 29 meets the great majority of headletter and display requirements for all classes of printing.

With the 29, the operator can assemble matrices in the same line from two magazines without magazine shifting. The assembler front is instantly and positively registered with either of two adjacent magazines.

Distribution is continuous and automatic. Dual distribution is provided, with bar combinations for distributing either into two individual 90-channel magazines or into one 72- and one 90-channel magazines.

Intricate composition becomes simple with a Model 29 Mixer. The great flexibility of the 29 makes any one of hundreds of characters available at the touch of a key-button. It is this versatility – this ability to handle large display and small text in the same line without cut-in or floor work – that makes the 29 Mixer an invaluable aid in mixed composition.

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