Gutenberg Machine Co.

Spotted for sale on eBay recently, this advertisement, dating from 1909, offers to upgrade the Linotype Model 1 to a two-letter machine.

1909 advertisement from the Gutenberg Machine Company, Chicago, offering an upgrade service on the Linotype Model 1

The advert states: All worn parts replaced by new. Guaranteed to produce as good a slug as from a new machine. All machines sold with new matrices and new spacebands.

This is the only company that rebuilds Linotypes, that maintains a regular force of machinists and is equipped with up-to-date machinery.

We have an exclusive special licence to use patented attachments in rebuilding Linotype machines.

All parts used by us in rebuilding Linotypes are purchased from the Mergenthaler Linotype Company, and are made in the United States. Prompt delivery. Prices and terms on application.

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