1934 Children's Book

Some pictures from a 1934 children's book entitled "The Wonder Book of Why and What?" Unfortunately the aspect of typesetting was skimmed over somewhat, with the Linotype being described as "similar to a typewriter!"

Captions for the photographs are taken from the book.

Stylised drawing of a newspaper factory

A "NEWS FACTORY" of today, printing 1,600,000 papers an hour. The paper runs through the machine at 800 feet per minute, and comes out at the other end not only as a perfectly printed newspaper but cut and folded ready for distribution

Sorting newspapers at a railway station

SORTING newspapers at a great London railway station for dispatch by train (4 a.m.)

Daily Telegraph printing presses

PRINTING presses, with rolls of paper in position, "Daily Telegraph" offices. The rolls of paper are five miles long.

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