Linotype Fleet Fifty Four

Taken from the book "Operation and Mechanism of the Linotype and Intertype" by J Ashworth, first published in 1955.

The Linotype Fleet Fifty Four

THIS specially-designed TTS Linotype apart from its special high-speed features, is manufactured and equipped on similar lines to the standard Model 48.

The spaceband transfer mechanism between the first elevator carriage and the spaceband box has been redesigned with a full-length guide bar running into the spaceband box, so that the spacebands are now positively controlled during the whole of the transfer movement. The spaceband release mechanism has also been modified to meet the additional requirements of the higher speeds.

To control the line delivery carriage in its movements at speed between the assembler elevator and the first elevator carriage, the line delivery cam has been redesigned.

The speed of the first elevator has been reduced at the location points by a modification to the cam so that it positions correctly for engagement with the aligning lugs of the matrices without any danger of recoil – this applies to both up and down movements.

Mould equipment. The Fleet Fifty Four can be equipped to cast from either alternate or consecutive (i.e. all four) moulds to prevent them from overheating. Standard equipment is four moulds in both cases. It is considered imperative with either method to use the Thermo-Blo mould cooler. The mould turning brake now has a larger braking area to compensate for the increased rate of deceleration.

The second elevator cam has also been modified for the same reason as the first elevator cam, to reduce the speed at location. At the same time the carrier bar on the second elevator is now made in such a way that it will maintain the matrices in a vertical position for the whole of the movement from the intermediate transfer channel, thus avoiding possible damage to the lugs.

The movement of the distributor shifter has been arranged to prevent damage to matrices while entering the distributor box.

The distributor has been redesigned to accommodate the higher lateral transfer speed required without increasing the rotary speed of the distributor screws.

New pump safety stop. This is an additional special feature introduced on the Fleet Fifty Four. Owing to increased speed it has been found necessary to operate the pump safety stop electrically, and this device embodies the automatic operation of the quadder when short lines are sent away.

The main driving mechanism will be arranged so that it is possible to run the machine at two speeds which will be, unless otherwise requested, ten and twelve lines a minute.

The machine is equipped with all the standard features of the modern Linotype, including the swinging keyboard, universal knife block, new automatic ejector, and the latest electric pot with variable mouthpiece regulator. In addition it carries all the normal devices which are required on TTS-equipped Linotypes, such as the last matrix jogger in the assembler and the distributor stop safety switch.

As previously stated it is essential to equip the machine with a Thermo-Blo mould cooler and also with the automatic metal feeder.

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