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Hot Metal Photos - Section Nine

A collection of photographs sent in by users of this site. The photos are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

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LINOTYPE ELEKTRON BACK SPLASH - George Finn sent in this picture of himself dealing with a back splash on a Linotype Elektron.

UNUSUAL INTERTYPE - A very unusual version of the Intertype appeared in the latest edition of "The Printer.".

US GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICES - Photographs taken before WW2 in American Government Printing Offices in Washington.

CHICAGO - Photographs taken at the Chicago Daily News and Smith-Brooks Printing Company.

KEY WEST CITIZEN, c1960 - Photographs taken of the production areas of this Florida newspaper.

DAILY MIRROR FOUNDRY, 1980s - Four pages of photographs taken at this UK newspaper's stereotype department. Sent in by Ken Flemington.

NORTHCLIFFE HOUSE, 1980s - Stereo department, producing the Sunday People. Sent in by Ken Flemington.

ARGUS PRESS, 1950s - Derek Cross sent in this picture taken at the London magazine printers in the 1950s.

BRIGHTON ARGUS 1973 & 1990 - Andy Taylor sent in these videos of newspaper production at this south of England regional newspaper.

EDGECOMBE PRINTER, 1971 - Dan Williams sent in this article, from Graphical Arts Monthly, exploring whether a small letterpress print shop was viable in the early 1970s.

MIEHLE V50 - Superb video footage of this press at work at the International Printing Museum, Carson, USA.

STAN BALLARD - John Bowles' memories of this old Fleet Street compositor.

LAST HOT METAL FINANCIAL TIMES - Picture of the last hot metal edition of the City of London's financial paper sliding off the stone.

DAVE BOWLES - A tribute to this former Sunday Telegraph compositor and Father of the Chapel.

BRITISH UNION CARDS 1946-1993 - Dave Bowles London union cards from 1946-1993.

NORWICH & DISTRICT GRAPHICAL SOCIETY - Commemoration of their amalgamation with the National Graphical Association.

BRADFORD INDUSTRIAL MUSEUM - Three pages of pictures from the printing gallery of this UK museum.

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