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Hot Metal Photos - Section Eight

A collection of photographs sent in by users of this site. The photos are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

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YORKSHIRE EVENING PRESS, 1954 - Picture of the composing room, taken from the front cover of "The Newsman."

NEWS OF THE WORLD FOUNDRY, 1986 - Thasnks to Barry Adams for sending in these pictures of the foundry producing the last News of the World before the Wapping dispute.

JAGGERS CHILES STOVALL, 1970 - Thanks to Dan Williams for sending in these pictures of this Dallas, USA-based trade-typesetting company's move to new premises.

THE LINOTYPE LINE - The introductory page of an advertising brochure, produced c1960, by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company.

BLUE STREAK COMET - Pictures and details of this later American machine.

BLUE STREAK MODEL 5 METEOR - Pictures and details of this later single-magazine machine.

BLUE STREAK MODELS 29 & 30 - Pictures and details of these later mixer models.

THOROLD POST, ONTARIO, CANADA, C1920 - Picture of this family-operated small town newspaper.

BLUE STREAK MODEL 31 - Pictures and description of this ubiquitous Linotype machine.

INTERTYPE FACTORY, 1966 - Four pages of photographs taken at the Intertype factory, Brooklyn, NY in 1966.

LINOFILM SYSTEM - Three pages of pictures and details of Linotype's photocomposition system, taken from "The Linotype Line" c1960.

BLUE STREAK RANGEMASTER MODEL 33/34 - Details of these two Linotype models taken from "The Linotype Line" c1960.

BLUE STREAK RANGEMASTER MODEL 35 - Details of this versatile mixer Linotype model taken from "The Linotype Line" c1960.

NEW YORK TIMES, 1942 - A couple of photographs taken in the composing room of the New York Times, during the Second World War, in September 1942.

LINOTYPE OPTIONAL EXTRAS, c1960 - Two pages of pictures and details of optional extras available for the Linotype in 1960.

LINOTYPE ON RAILWAY/RAILROAD PRESS CAR, 1913 - Picture of a Linotype machine on a Great Northern Railway press car, taken in 1913.

NEW YORK HERALD, c 1910 - Three pages of pictures taken at this now-defunct New York paper.

BUREAU OF ENGRAVING & PRINTING, WASHINGTON, c1930 - Pictures of local dignitaries taking a look at this new printing press.

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