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Hot Metal Photos - Section Seven

A collection of photographs sent in by users of this site. The photos are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

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WILLIMANTIC DAILY CHRONICLE, 1961 - Six pages of photographs, taken in colour, sent in by Vin Crosbie of this small Connecticut, USA daily newspaper.

BLUE STREAK LINOTYPE EXHIBITION - A photograph of an exhibition of Blue Streak Linotypes at the Mid-West Agency of the Mergenthaler Linotype Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

INTERTYPE STICK ATTACHMENT - Pictures and details of this device for casting display lines on an Intertype linecaster.

PRINT MACHINERY LOGOS - Chandler and Price and Linotype logos available for download. Artwork supplied by Matt Henderson.

MORRISON SLUG STRIPPER - Illustrations and details of this saw used for stripping Linotype and Intertype slugs.

LINOTYPE FLEET FIFTY FOUR - Illustrations and details of this high-speed, TTS-equipped linecaster.

INTERTYPE FOTOSETTER - Illustrations and details of this early phototypesetting machine.

FUNDITOR SUPERSAW - Illustration and description of this composing room work-horse.

1915 LINOTYPE ADVERTISEMENT - An advertising postcard comparing the Model 9 to the old "Blower" Linotype.

CALIFORMS PRINTING COMPANY, c1976 - Tony Bassano sent in this picture of himself at an Intertype C4-1.

1913 INTERTYPE ADVERTISEMENT - Advertisement for the Intertype produced by the International Typesetting Machine Company.

LINOTYPE EUROPA - Pictures of this high-tech German linecaster, dating from 1966.

1934 CHILDREN'S BOOK - Pictures of newspaper production taken from "The Wonder Book of How and What?"

NOVICE LINOTYPE OPERATORS - A couple of photographs that have been offered for sale on eBay recently, one from 1929, the other appears to be late 1950s.

THE ALDENTYPE - Picture and description of this early typesetting machine patented by Timothy Alden in 1857.

THE SEMAGRAPH - George Finn sent in this picture and description of an early device for automating the Linotype.

GUTENBERG MACHINE CO. - 1909 advertisement offering to upgrade Model 1 Linotypes to a two-letter machine.

TWO OLD LINOTYPE PHOTOS - Recently offered for sale on eBay. Pictures taken at the Chicago Defender and Gospel Trumpet Company.

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