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Hot Metal Photos - Section Six

A collection of photographs sent in by users of this site. The photos are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

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ABANDONED INTERTYPE C4 - Australian Linotype Mechanic George Finn sent in this photo of an abandoned linecaster, as well as an interesting example of print-related termite damage.

GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - 16 Linotype machines being delivered to the Government Printing Office in 1907. Extracts from Don Hauser's "Printers of the Streets and Lanes of Melbourne."

SANDS & McDOUGALL, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Photographs of the Composing Room and Letterpress Printing department, taken in 1897. More extracts from Don Hauser's "Printers of the Streets and Lanes of Melbourne."

PHOTO ENGRAVING ASSOCIATES, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Examples of dot sizes and etching from a promotional booklet. More extracts from Don Hauser's "Printers of the Streets and Lanes of Melbourne."

BROWN PRIOR ANDERSON, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - A sketch of Printcraft House, circa 1930. More extracts from Don Hauser's "Printers of the Streets and Lanes of Melbourne."

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 1971 - A short video of the tele-typesetting operation at this newspaper, sent in by George Finn

YORKSHIRE EVENING PRESS, 1942 - A picture of the Linotype Room at this York, UK newspaper taken following the Baedecker bombing raid.

1936 GLIDDEN AD - A nice illustration from this advertisement for "Wilkes" brand typemetal.

MODEL 5 LINOTYPE RESTORATION - George Finn, an Ausralian Linotype mechanic, gives us details of a project he's working on.

MIEHLE V50 - Matt Henderson, of Henderson Printing, Richmond, Virginia, USA, sent in this video of his Miehle Vertical in action.

WOOD PRESS - A huge 1934 newspaper press, housed in the British Science Museum's storage facility at RAF Broughton.

YORKSHIRE EVENING PRESS, 125 YEARS - Three pages of photographs taken from a special souvenir supplement.

DAILY MIRROR, UK - Tom Bailey sent in this picture of Norman Barnes retiring from his job as "The Printer", early 1970s.

EXCELSIOR PRESS - Alan Runfeldt's 1930s era print shop and museum in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, USA.

EXPRESS GIFTS - Four working linecasters, 3 Intertype Monarchs and a C4 used to personalise gift items in Lancashire, UK.

SHAFFSTALL TRANSISTOR MAT DETECTOR - Details of this invention that was used on high-speed tape-operated linecasters.

THE GRAPHOTYPE - Pictures and details of this early rival to the Monotype system. Thanks to Robin Kenworthy for sending the article in.

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