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Hot Metal Photos - Section Five

A collection of photographs sent in by users of this site. The photos are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

If you have some old photographs at home and would like to see them on the site please send me an Email.

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COSSAR FLAT-BED WEB PRESS - Thanks to David Philips for sending in these pictures of a historical press from Scotland, UK.

McWHAN PRINTERS - An entire letterpress print-shop looking for a good home.

EARLY TYPESETTING MACHINES - Illustrations of 12 very early typesetting machines.

BLUE STREAK LINOTYPES - Half a dozen illustrations of these American machines.

CZECH PRINT WORKS - Mirek Subrt sent in these photos of his print plant, including a Model B Intertype and Phoenix Press.

ACKLEY WORLD JOURNAL - Photos taken in 1955 and 1983 — including one of Jim Daggs who sent them in.

GOSS UNITUBULAR PRESS - Casting a stereo plate for this newspaper press, and picture of the pressrun.

QUINCY PATRIOT LEDGER - Pictures taken in the composing room of this newspaper.

LINECASTER ADVERTISEMENTS - Early advertisements for an Intertype Model D-s.m. and Model 12 Linograph.

LINOTYPE MODEL 14 BROCHURE - A 1920s brochure for the Model 14 Linotype produced by the Chicago Mergenthaler office.

MEXICO CITY NEWSPAPERS - Pictures from El Imparcial and El Universal sent in by Luis Garcia.

THE NEW LINOTYPE - An 1890 Mergenthaler Printing Company document describes the "New Linotype" to prospective customers.

WITHY GROVE, MANCHESTER - More pictures from this giant plant which produced the Northern editions of UK national newspapers.

LINOTYPE COMET 300 TTS - A Linotype Comet 300, with Fairchild TTS unit in full operational condition.

MODEL F ELROD - Andy Taylor sent in these photographs of his "brand new" Elrod strip-caster.

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