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Hot Metal Photos - Section Four

A collection of photographs sent in by users of this site. The photos are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

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RUSHOLME PRINTERS, YORK, UK, 1959 - Thanks to Tony Preston for sending in this slightly out of focus (but worth including) photo of Rusholmes Printers, York, UK, in 1959.

DAMAGED MIEHLE PRESS - A machine minder at a Government Printing shop in Perth, Western Australia has some explaining to do!

THE NODIS RAPID CASTER - A typesetting machine advertised in the November 1944 edition of The British Printer.

GISBORNE MUSEUM - Graeme How sent in these pictures of a neglected Intertype and an old press from a recent visit to the Gisborne Museum of Technology and Transport in New Zealand.

LAST LETTERPRESS NEWSPAPER IN AUSTRALIA - An article and photos from Australia's print-trade magazine ProPress.

LINECASTER DOCUMENTARY (1960) - A superb 35-minute documentary, with narration in English, explaining how a linecaster works.

TREES TO TRIBUNES - A documentary, made in 1937, about production of the Chicago Tribune.

HAND SETTING - A short (10 minute) film, made in 1959, giving instructions on how to hand set foundry type.

MAKING BOOKS - An 11-minute film, made in 1947, explaining the production processes for making a book in layman's terms.

BOOKBINDING - A 13-minute film, made in 1961, describing the processes for restoring old books and binding new ones.

PRINTING TRADE - A 10-minute "Vocational Guidance" film extolling the virtues of a career in the printing industry to young people. Made in 1947.

CHANDLER & PRICE 12X18 - A three-minute video of this press running a perforating job at Cleveland Offset, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

1891 TYPESETTING COMPETITION - Illustrations from a typesetting competition organised by the American Newspaper Publishers' Association.

BRAZIL GETS THE NEWS - A 1942 film, giving us a run through the production processes for "Agazeta" in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

KOENIG & BAUER ROLLRENNER PRESS - Videos of this press, dating from 1926, in action at the Basel Paper Mill Museum.

BILL'S LINOTYPE - A nice, slightly "arty" film dedicated to Bill Malley (1938-2004).

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