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Hot Metal Photos - Section Three

A collection of photographs sent in by users of this site. The photos are arranged into several sections, use the menu on the left to browse the sections.

If you have some old photographs at home and would like to see them on the site please send me an Email.

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DRIFFIELD TIMES & BRIDLINGTON CHRONICLE - Many thanks to Mike Wilson for sending in these two photos and details of his early career.

CHANDLER & PRICE 10X15 - Thanks to Lance Williams of Williams Stationery Co., New York, USA for providing this video of his modified press.

THE MODERN TYPOGRAPH - The fascinating story of how a new version of this old machine came to be manufactured in 1960.

LINOTYPE MODEL 31 - Video footage of this machine being operated at the Museum of Printing History, Houston, Texas, USA.

LITTLE GIANT #6 PRESS - Close-up footage of this press in action, sent in by Nicholas Kennedy of Trip Print Press, Toronto, Canada.

LINOTYPE MODEL 8 - Video footage of this machine from the Provost News, Provost, Alberta, Canada in action.

LINOTYPE MODEL 16 - A Linotype Model 16 in action at the Basel Paper Mill, home of the Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing in Basel, Switzerland.

HAMPSHIRE CHRONICLE, 1967 - Steve Young sent in this pic and story of a charity event back in 1967.

RHINEBECK GAZETTE - Evocative photographs of this small-town newspaper office, taken in the 1930s.

PROVOST NEWS - Photographs of the paper's Miehle press, the news editor and a brief history of the paper, sent in by Rich Holmes.

MUSEUM OF PRINTING HISTORY, Houston, Texas, USA. Two videos on this page! Dan Williams at the Linotype Model 31 and Terry Griffith shows us his collection of matrices.

NEW ZEALAND, 1938 - Graeme How spotted this photo whilst queueing at his local bank — and managed to get a copy to send in to Metal Type.

JESSIE HORTON, c1910 - A very early photograph of a female Linotype operator. Few details known.

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