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The Monotype Recorder

The Monotype Recorder was a trade magazine published by the Monotype Corporation. It was published for about 70 years from 1902 – it almost ceased publication during World War Two. Beatrice Warde was a long-standing editor.

Over 60 issues are available here in PDF format. We are greatly indebted to John Cornelisse for scanning in his personal collection, and making them available here on Metal Type. If you can fill some of the gaps in this collection please get in touch via this Metal Type Forum discussion. You can also use that link to discuss the Monotype Recorders further, or to thank John for his efforts.

Updates: A full list of updates to this collection can be found here.


Volume 39 No. 1

Content Summary: 50th anniversary edition; Illustrated account of the pioneer days of Monotype composing machines; Alphabets of Ehrhardt.

Volume 39 No. 2

Content Summary: 50 years of type-cutting, specimen books and type sheets.

Volume 39 No. 3

Content Summary: Technical number with an illustrated summary of post-war improvements.

Volume 39 No. 4

Content Summary: Special number of Typographical Transformations as exemplified in a before and after collection of recent books, periodicals and general printing.

Volume 39 – Special

Content Summary: The fifth centennial of the invention of typography, the art of printing with moveable types.

Volume 40 No. 1

Content Summary: Monotype machines in the making. Showing a first selection of photographs recently taken at the Monotype works at Salfords, Surrey.

Volume 40 No. 2

Content Summary: The recrudescence of the small printer. Will Carter describes and illustrates his work at the Rampant Lions Press.

Volume 40 No. 3

Content Summary: We resume our tour of the works to see Monotype matrices and moulds in the making.

Volume 40 No. 4

Content Summary: Setting Mathematics, with a glossary of mathematical terms and nomenclature of signs by Arthur Phillips; Together with a note on the system of 4-line mathematical setting by the Monotype Corporation.

Volume 41 No. 1

Content Summary: The Typecasters; An illustrated history of type-casting by Ellic Howe.

Volume 41 No. 2

Content Summary: Typography for hospitality by the British Transport Commission.

Volume 41 No. 3

Content Summary: Commemorating the exhibition held at Monotype House of lettering and type designs by Eric Gill.

Volume 41 No. 4

Content Summary: The completion of the Monotype Walbaum size range; Walbaum's early years in Goslar and Weimar; Print – a voice of the church.

Volume 42 No. 1

Content Summary: A grammar of type ornament; A new inscription for the printing school.

Volume 42 No. 2

Content Summary: Special issue dedicated to the users of Monophoto Filmsetters.

Volume 42 No. 3

Content Summary: Augmenting the Roman alphabet; Progress in PAA – with examples from experimental editions in Pitman's augmented alphabet.

Volume 42 No. 4

Content Summary: Languages of the world that can be set on Monotype machines.

Volume 43 No. 1

Content Summary: Precision in map making.

Volume 43 No. 3

Content Summary: Stanley Morison 1889-1967.

Volume 43 No. 4

Content Summary: The Innovators; A review of the progress of Pictorial Machinery Ltd, 1919-1969.


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