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Monotype Portraits

Started by Dave Hughes, November 17, 2010, 09:28:57 PM

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Dave Hughes

I had heard of these, but have not come across any.

Here, on this short (undated) British Pathe clip, we see the full process of producing a Monotype portrait.

Good old Mr. Batley, of Clapham!
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I did my apprenticeship in Melbourne, Australia and the trade school was the MCPGA, Melbourne College of Printing and Graphic Arts if I remember correctly the comp room was on the third floor Monotype down one end and Lino/Intertype down the other end and all comp room in between, in the Monotype area there was a Monotype picture of Winston Churchill and in the comp room there was a picture of Queen Elizabeth II both set in Monotype to about a 90em measure the picture frames would have been about 18" x 24" but those were the days when Australia had pride in their Queen and country most of the men working there were old diggers so I always copped the pom bashing and they used to get a bit of Aussi bashing back all in good fun though-those were the days!

Dave Hughes

I'd really like to get some examples of these portraits on the main body of the site, if anyone has one, please get in touch, or send in a picture or a scan.
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Murphy M

In response to request for examples of Monotype Portraits, I have decided to upload the one my Grandfather produced, whilst working for Battley Brothers, Clapham. My Grandfather Roy Purnell was an employee at the firm, and started there in 1951. 22 Years later he became sales Director, a position he held for a further 13 years. The portrait was first published in 1953 to celebrate the coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II. It was later republished in 1997, on Her Majesty's 50th Wedding Anniversary and to commemorate the centenary of Battley Brothers Printers. I have more information about the company, and it's creation back in 1897, by a 17 year old John Rose Battley, and his 20 year old brother, who started printing in their parents home. A small terrace house 23 Elsley Road, Battersea.

Murphy M

Produced in 1953 and republished in 1997 - Designed and typeset by Roy Purnell Sales Director at Battley Brothers Printers

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