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Author Topic: Monotype equipment available in Westminster UK  (Read 125 times)

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John Cornelisse

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Monotype equipment available in Westminster UK
« on: January 05, 2021, 01:16:41 PM »
Some time ago I saw an advert at,

a scale-drum was offered... in the advert was mentioned there were a lot more items could be available...

I asked for some info in an email... :

with this item, you mentioned that you have a lot Monotype material more in stock... I use a computer to control the composition caster, therefore these drums have no use for me...  please could you set me a list of that naterials ?  all the best wishes John Cornelisse, Enkidu Press The netherlands

It was a long time ago, but today I got this answer:

Hi John,
I don't have an exact list available but here goes:
Two composition casters, One supercaster, Two keyboards
Justifying scale drums (about 100 of them!)
Keybars, Lots of composition moulds - various point sizes
Display moulds, Lead and rule mould
Rule and border matrices Composition die cases - various fonts - let me know what faces you might be interested in
Wedges, Display matrices - Gloucester - roman, italic, bold italic, bold extended and extra condensed (99, 99i, 103, 243, 396)
Gas-fired furnace for remelting old type
Ingot moulds, Slabs of type metal

So that's basically what's available
If anything is of interest then we can discuss options.
With best regards in these difficult times

for anybody who would have some interest... here his email-address, it would be sad whenever all this materials would be dumped...

eBay - rays2304 <>