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Author Topic: Unusual Adana Press (TP48) - UK  (Read 1140 times)

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Unusual Adana Press (TP48) - UK
« on: February 26, 2018, 08:26:26 AM »
ADANA TP48(Powered) circa 1960

Offered infull working order, supplied with a Polymer Plate (0.95mm) Mounting Block which has been machined to fit the standard chases and quoins, will also easily print from conventional metal type or wood mounted type rule height alloy plates.
240 volt so will operate from a conventional 220-240 volt socket.
Manual and Automatic Power Switch.

Max Printing Area is just over A5 at 227mm x 168mm (SRA5)
Machine is in full production running order, please note it is not a factory fresh restoration, but has been cleaned and serviced for use and being of simple design it is very reliable.
Roller Bearer adjusting screws have been replaced and set to standard rule heights.
New Caslon Rollers and Stocks x 3 and a new Impression Stop Lever has also been reset along with resetting the ink duct and oscillating roller.

This is a flexible and easy machine to use and doesn’t take up a lot of space.
It can print on a variety of materials from tissue paper to thick card, we have even printed onto wood veneer and leather! and can run at 500-800 sheets per hour once proficient and depending on the stock.

Ideal for 2 or 4 up Business Cards, and due to the design is easy to register colours for multi-colour tight fit work.
Comp Slips and Stationery, it will take an SRA4 sheet Portrait (225mm x 320mm) so could print A4 Letterheads as two passes (top & bottom)
It is a rare 3 roller model, this significantly aids inking which is much more consistent than the standard 2 roller version.

We have produced a whole variety of work but have recently upgraded and refurbished our Heidelberg Platen and no longer need the machine.

I will include the original manual, Polymer Chase base for 0.95mm Photo Polymer Plate Mounting, two chases, 3 new rollers and new stocks and some narrow quoins.

More than happy to do a full demo if you want to come up to Scotland and see it.
Additional Press Training can be provided at cost but is not included in the Sale Price.

ADANA TP48 Letterpress Printing Machine Press

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