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Kluge Feeder Adjustments

Started by Dave Hughes, March 14, 2008, 02:50:29 PM

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Dave Hughes

Blair Wolfe contacted me by email with the following technical enquiry:

I have recently acquired a 12 x 18 C&P with a Kluge feeder and foil draw for foil stamping. I also need to do some short run die cutting, scorring & perforating from time to time. Does any one have any good information about the correct adjustments of the feeder unit for dependable feeding? We have instaled a good vacuum/pressure pump to get good pick up ability, but the suckers appear to run too close to the feed table, and I think there is probably a lot of small adjustments that they would have made in the old days. Does any one go back that far?

Anyone with expertise in this area?
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Jeff Zilles [jeffo]

I cut my teeth on a 10" x 15" version of the same animal but without the foil gear and have the highest regard for the general usefullness and versatility of the machine.

I have never sighted an instruction book or even a hint sheet for the feed and delivery systems of the Brandjen and Kluge add-on for C & P though I suspect there must be something writ somewhere which would give the basic dos-and-don'ts.  The rest is common sense and experience gained daily.

Every change of stock type or size may need a different setting though once the feeder is set up properly the changes in most cases are usually of a minor nature.

Where is the machine situated??

That knowledge made public could inspire an ageing machinist not too far away from wherever to spring out of his/her bath chair and accept the challenge to instruct.

Again - great machine - this is the unit that most times will handle the jobs that give trouble on the Heidelberg Platen and British Thompson --- I have had them all and consider that ideally, you can do with one of each.


Andy Keck

I'm still removing decades of semi-solid crud from my Kluge, so I'm not exactly a wellspring of information. I can say that I've found the manual on the Boxcar Press site to be helpful. With my press, I also received a similar photocopied book of instruction.

Better yet, the George Mills book, Platen Press Operation, has a section on the Kluge feeder that looks like it will be useful when I'm done cleaning and ready to start printing.


 ::)If someone could enlighten me with regards to the Kluge Feeder I might be able to answer quite a few questions with regard to same.  My question is... is this the same feeder setup as installed on the Kluge presses?  If so, we're in good shape.  Those I have to deal with on an almost daily basis. (And for these past many years).  Let me know...


one stop print

I have in my library material on the Kluge press having owned two models 10x15 and a 18x13  both were printing presses but the larger one was used for cutting thick card to make mount boards etc. I will try and find them and copy them to PDF and send.


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