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Author Topic: Intertype Chat  (Read 8089 times)

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Re: Intertype Chat
« Reply #15 on: June 02, 2007, 12:18:41 PM »
The pot control on the  Model 31 is a Micro-Therm temperature control for both the mouthpiece and the crucible.The machine in the picture has a Hyraquadder. It appears to a manual as the electronic Hydraquadder has the control buttons on the right hand side of the keyboard. The Mechanical quader is on a Model 29.
George Finn (Mechanic)
Gold Coast

Arthur Johnson

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Intertype C4
« Reply #16 on: August 28, 2008, 04:58:01 AM »
It's good to see another aussie posting to this list. At Gulgong Pioneers Museum we have just got our C4 Intertype going during the past week, our Lino Mechanic Gary Penfold who worked at the old Telegraph and then News Ltd in Sydney has been great getting our linecasters up and running. We have a battery of 6 machines. Our C3 Intertype (American) is a good runner. We also have an Electron,
Model 78 (hope to have it running soon), 48 and a Model 15. Plus we have a 48 and a C4 for spares. We also have a Ludlow and Elrod.
Print machines we have a 1869 Albion by Harrild & Sons, Furnival and Chandler & Price Platens plus a Wharfedale, Vertical Miehle and a Heidelberg Platen, plus all the good gear to go with it a full working hot metal and letterpress print shop.
PS I have a C4 Inter and a 1929 Ludlow plus a 10x15 C&P Platen in my backyard print shop. Plus a bit of (horror) small offset.
Arthur in Australia.

Dave Hughes

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Re: Intertype Chat
« Reply #17 on: August 28, 2008, 02:10:38 PM »
Plenty of Aussies on here, Arthur!

We've even got two Australian Moderators!  ::)
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